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If an idea fits on the back of a business card, it has a clear concept.
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What we do


In the enormous complexity of day-to-day corporate financing, contracting, procedures and data processing, CSC is a futurist, digital engineer and asset finance revolutionary.

Common Sense Consulting is a holistic management consultancy with a specialised concept in asset finance management and contract portfolio management.

We digitise and automate financing, management and business processes, create decision-relevant knowledge and develop intelligent financing solutions for our customers.

How? With unique technologies, novel tools, scientifically sound know-how and common sense.

CSC is not your classic strategy and process consulting company. The conception of intelligent solutions for our customers is, for us, merely the first step to a holistic assessment and consultation. We guide our customers through the implementation of our solutions, create optimal foundations and support the implementation of processes and long-term management.

CSC's IT-supported assessment and consulting and optimised, efficient follow-up management solutions achieve extraordinary commercial, technological, information logistics and strategic results.

We model contract systems, implement efficient processes and create the necessary financial flexibility for your innovation and technology projects.